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Hack The Box

Hack The Box offers advanced training for IT security professionals and hackers through gamified, hands-on experiences. Hack The Box uses DigitalOcean Kubernetes to scale their platform and successfully host thousands of users at a time.

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After spending a frustrating year trying to build their infrastructure on AWS, WPMU DEV began a migration to DigitalOcean, quickly growing to support more than 700,000 clients after doing so.

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Crowd Content

Since spinning up their first Droplet, Crowd Content has seen a 240% increase in customers, their pool of writers has increased by more than tenfold, and they’ve seen a 20% increase in page loading speeds.

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Content Ignite

Since moving to DigitalOcean, Content Ignite’s page loading speeds have increased by 80%, latency has dropped from 200ms to 20ms, and hosting costs have decreased by 90%.

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Digital Stage

Digital Stage is enabling artistic ensembles to rehearse and perform online with DigitalOcean Droplets.


When Cloudways migrated to DigitalOcean, they had an unexpectedly pleasant surprise: They saw an increase in lead generation and free trials from DigitalOcean’s community engagement by reaching new audiences who read the tutorials. 


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