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Adeva is a talent platform that enables work without boundaries. They migrated to DigitalOcean App Platform to reduce their costs and spend less time on managing their infrastructure by using a fully managed solution.

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Atom Learning

Atom Learning provides high-quality education through a fully adaptive online learning platform. After building a monolith, they moved to containerized microservices using DigitalOcean Kubernetes to support their growth.

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While Stablepoint initially built its own data center, they quickly realized this was a distraction from their core mission. After migrating to DigitalOcean, they cut the cost of servers in half and boosted MoM growth by 30%.

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As RouteTrust migrated live production traffic onto the cloud, they said the performance of DigitalOcean’s Droplets was superior to RouteTrust’s own custom-built network.

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Ghost decided to migrate their infrastructure to DigitalOcean based on factors like substantial RAM and scalability – which they achieved with a zero-downtime migration. Here’s how.


When Cloudways migrated to DigitalOcean, they had an unexpectedly pleasant surprise: They saw an increase in lead generation and free trials from DigitalOcean’s community engagement by reaching new audiences who read the tutorials. 

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DigitalOcean provided Publitio with the best performance over pricing ratio in the industry. They had shifted among numerous cloud providers for the past 20 years, but in the end it came down to economics and DO was their choice.

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Rockerbox processes over 200K requests per second, and is capable of processing over 3B requests per day. They chose DigitalOcean because they can achieve this with 200+ VMs.

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When engineering their infrastructure, NodeBB focused on 3 key metrics: reliability, scalability, and value, saying that it’s rare for a hosting company to meet all the criteria. But DigitalOcean did.

kea is is a voice-based artificial intelligence platform. They switched from a large cloud provider to DigitalOcean and found simplicity of DigitalOcean’s solutions, the large library of tutorials, and the support provided to them enabled them to focus more on their business

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