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Quickly build and reliably run the backend of your web and mobile apps using our developer-friendly, production-ready cloud platform.

Power your application with our infrastructure

When you’re building a web or mobile application, you need to develop and deliver your app quickly. Equally important, your application needs to be fast for end users. That’s why you should consider DigitalOcean to power your app’s backend. We offer compute, storage, databases, and networking, through a developer-friendly interface optimized for productivity.

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open quoteDigitalOcean provides us simplicity and savings.close quote

Russell Bierschbach

Managing Partner, RouteTrust

Fast and flexible computing

Not only is DigitalOcean easy to operate, it’s built with best-in-class Intel processors that run your app at blazing speeds. Cloud Spectator, a renowned benchmarking firm, found that DigitalOcean delivers superior price-performance compared to Amazon and Google. With DigitalOcean, you can choose whether to run your app directly on VMs or Kubernetes.

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Droplets (IaaS)

Run and manage your app directly on our VMs, or as we call them, Droplets. Choose between Basic, General Purpose, CPU-Optimized, or Memory-Optimized VMs. Spin up Droplets with your choice of Linux OS in 55 seconds or less.

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DigitalOcean Kubernetes (KaaS)

Spin up a managed Kubernetes cluster in minutes, and run your app as microservices using Docker containers. Scale up or down as needed. Pay only for your worker nodes, as the master is free.

Start fast with 1-Click App stacks

Manually installing and configuring your app’s dependencies can take hours or even days. With Marketplace 1-Click Apps, you can easily deploy frameworks for popular programming languages, so you can get your app up and running quickly.

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In less than a minute, spin up a cloud server with Apache, MySQL, and PHP installed.

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The LEMP stack is a group of open source software to get web servers up and running.

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A lightweight and efficient platform ideal for building fast, scalable network applications in Javascript.

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Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

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Database deliverance

The days of licensing expensive databases and running them on-premises are long gone. With DigitalOcean, you can easily use any one of our open source Managed Databases. Create a cluster in just a few minutes, and only pay for actual resource usage.

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open quote"Since we started using DigitalOcean Kubernetes, we need not spend nearly as much time on IT administration, and even developers can control our infrastructure."close quote

Matthhias Kummerer

CTO Grammofy

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open quote"The control panel allows us to resize our cluster very quickly and painlessly, and abstracting away not only the management but the configuration of Kubernetes to DigitalOcean has saved us countless man-hours."close quote

Ryan Bently

1336 Studios


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