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Easily and reliably host a website for your business, organization, or project while retaining complete control over your site’s underlying infrastructure.      

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Flexible hosting options

DigitalOcean is a developer-friendly cloud platform that gives you flexible options that make it straightforward to build and host your website in whatever way suits your business. With DigitalOcean, you can get any sort of website up and running quickly and reliably, while retaining the ability to precisely configure and monitor your site’s infrastructure.


Tools for scaling your website

Use the DigitalOcean developer cloud to build a highly reliable supporting infrastructure that ensures your website stays fast, secure, and scalable.

Scaling your website on DigitalOcean

Combining the flexibility of our compute options with additional DigitalOcean products, you can host a highly secure website optimized for performance and speed. As seen above, we wanted to show one example for how you can architect the underlying infrastructure of a DigitalOcean-hosted website. Here are the tools featured in that sample architecture:



Reduce latency for your website and increase scalability by offloading static content like images, CSS, and JavaScript to CDN Spaces.

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open quoteThe reliability we receive from DigitalOcean gives me freedom, because if we're dealing with provider downtime, or unreliable things, then we lose our night or even weekend.close quote

Matthew Lawrence

VP of App Development, Rainmaker Digital

Set up blogs, CMS, or forums with 1-Click Apps

DigitalOcean Marketplace is a curated catalog of open source and commercial software applications that you can install to your Droplets in a single click. Within Marketplace, you’ll find 1-Click Apps that allow you to create blogs, CMS, or discussion forums in minutes.

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Over 60 million people choose WordPress to power their websites and blogs.

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Ghost is a fully open source, adaptable platform for building and running a modern blog or publication.

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Strapi is the leading open-source Node.js Headless CMS.

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Why customers building websites choose to host on DigitalOcean

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open quoteWe needed to store 1.5 billion documents while allowing for a rate of growth of around 2 million documents per day. That amounts to 6TB of data, growing by the minute, that all must be retrievable in under half a second. DigitalOcean is providing us with infrastructure from which we can build dreams and ideas.close quote

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Iouri Kostine


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open quoteWe can do more with less as we don’t need to use client budget to build infrastructure.close quote

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Cameron Van Orman

Systems Administrator

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open quoteWe love that DigitalOcean makes it simple for us to scale out our infrastructure in order to meet the demands of our customersclose quote

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Eric Hoppe

Director of Marketing



DigitalOcean’s community tutorials and product docs help you quickly get started. Here’s a small sample of the resources available.

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