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Nimbella Joins the DigitalOcean Family

Hacktoberfest is back and gr-eight-er than ever!

Grow even faster with the new control plane for DigitalOcean Kubernetes

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2021 demonstrated that 'love is at our core'

This year was a pivotal one for DigitalOcean as we continue alon ...

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Meet the Navigators: DigitalOcean’s inaugural class of 2021

DigitalOcean would not be where it is today without our communit ...

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3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors available at DigitalOcean

We are excited to announce the introduction of the latest genera ...

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DigitalOcean’s response to the Log4j security vulnerability

DigitalOcean has been monitoring the Log4j vulnerability (CVE-20 ...

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What is SaaS? Software as a Service Explained

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery model in whi ...

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Latest products and features at DigitalOcean: November 2021 

November was a special month for DigitalOcean as we hosted our d ...

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Coming together for good at DigitalOcean

author imageAdmas Kanyagia onCulture   2021-11-30

DigitalOcean is a values-driven organization. In addition to our ...

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An amazing month of open source love

author imagePhoebe Quincy onCommunity   2021-11-23

Hacktoberfest 2021 Recap ...

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Boost your cloud native skills with these sessions from deploy

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean onCommunity   2021-11-18

As we wrap up another incredible deploy conference, we’re taking ...

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Announcing Currents: DigitalOcean's research report on SMBs and the cloud

author imageRoxana Elliott onNews   2021-11-16

DigitalOcean is excited to announce the launch of our latest edi ...

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What is PaaS? Platform as a Service Explained

Platform as a service, or PaaS, is a category of cloud computing ...

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Scale your apps confidently with upgraded Load Balancers

One of the critical components that’s required to deliver superi ...