Run your managed cloud hosting company on DigitalOcean

We make cloud hosting simple and cost-efficient, so you can focus on growing your hosting business. Our powerful and low-cost compute options combined with our support make DigitalOcean the perfect infrastructure to power a managed hosting business.

Why build your managed cloud hosting company on DigitalOcean?


Industry-leading price-performance

Stop paying for cloud infrastructure that overcharges for subpar performance. We have the best CPU performance per dollar when compared to AWS and Google, and we charge only ~10-20% of what other clouds do for bandwidth.

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Better Support

Between our technical support and extended community, we’re here to help make sure your company runs smoothly. When you need help, get free around-the-clock technical support – or go in depth with Premier Support if your business needs a high-touch, personalized support experience.

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Easy-to-use and flexible API

Our API enables you to deploy and manage thousands of Droplets and resources in a simple, programmatic way. Manage your Droplets with greater flexibility using conventional HTTP requests. Take any number of actions or requests — including creating multiple Droplets, resizing, rebooting, enabling backups, and more — with curl commands or the official API wrappers. 

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How does DigitalOcean stack up compared to other cloud providers?

We offer the best of both worlds for a managed hosting providers; high performance at a low cost.

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We commissioned Cloud Spectator to evaluate the performance of virtual machines (VMs) from three different Cloud Service Providers (CSPs): Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and DigitalOcean. Based on the analysis, DigitalOcean’s VM performance was superior in nearly all measured VM performance dimensions, and DigitalOcean provides some of the most compelling performance per dollar available in the industry. If you are a managed hosting provider choosing a cloud provider our core virtual machines provide you with the power you need at a reasonable price.

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Running a Managed Cloud Hosting company on DigitalOcean

open quoteWith bigger providers, you always feel like a faceless dot, support is something you have to pay for. With DigitalOcean if you have a problem you are going to get someone who cares about it and if you have a product request that is something that is going to be acted on.close quote

Bruce Taylor

Chief Engineer, Stablepoint

Start a managed hosting business for all levels of experience

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Use a managed service

Hostlaunch, powered by DigitalOcean, has modernized hosting automation and makes it easy to create a profitable cloud hosting company. In minutes, you can be selling managed virtual private servers and making your customers happy.

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Build and manage your own infrastructure

We have documentation to help business customers plan their infrastructure needs, provide working examples along the way, and include technical nuances and the “why” that makes some decisions better than others.

Hear from managed hosting providers who trust DigitalOcean to power their companies 

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open quoteThe DigitalOcean API is one of the biggest reasons WPMU DEV has been so satisfied with the platform. It has been affordable, easy to use, and has allowed them to manage the infrastructures of their large customer base efficiently. Today, they are supporting well over 700,000 site owners, developers, freelancers, and agencies through their suite of products and tools. close quote

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Ronnie Burt

Chief Business Officer

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open quoteIn comparison to other cloud platforms out there, the servers at DO cost half, but the performance you’re getting is comparable or greater than other major players. The team has seen 30% MoM growth due to the cost savings they’re able to pass on to their end customers – which translates to a significantly improved bottom line.close quote

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Dom Taylor


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open quotePartnering with DigitalOcean, Cloudways could evolve their product to better serve customers at a lower cost – without sacrificing any reliability. Not only did they find culture and value alignment, they benefited from DigitalOcean’s focus on simplicity and community. Cloudways saw an increase in lead generation and free trials from DigitalOcean’s community engagement and reached a new audience that read the tutorials. close quote

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Aaqib Gadit

Cofounder & CEO


Community & resources

DigitalOcean’s Community Tutorials, Tech Talks, and product docs help you get started quickly. Here are a few resources available for our community.

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